Inez Ponce de Leon - Artist, Writer, Scholar, Educator

Inez's Works

The Romantic

The Romantic book cover. A Tale of Love in Medieval Italy
Winner, National Novel Writing Month, 2006

Rachel Everdene is a businesswoman, twenty-six years old, and unmarried. She is almost destined for spinsterhood in her home town of Orvieto, Italy. It is, after all, the year 1289 -- women are married as children, mothers in their teens, and grandmothers as adults.

When she obeys a fraudulent summons from the Pope, however, she is drawn into a chase that will span the northern communes of Italy, and change her life forever.

Trade Paperback: $22.99
E-book: $4.39
Author's Price: PhP1,300


Sanctuary book cover. A Tragedy of Fatherhood and Love in Meteora, Greece
Winner, National Novel Writing Month, 2005

When a baby girl is found abandoned near a secluded monastery, thirteen lives will be forever changed, and an old curse of numbers will be broken.

Her name is Catherine, and it is her journey that will teach her life's most painful lessons, and break one man's heart.

In this haunting, moving novel, Inez Ponce de Leon weaves a gripping tale of love and betrayal, death and life, as thirteen brothers, one woman, and one man all search for their own sanctuary.

Trade Paperback: $13.50
Trade Hardback: $ 23.99
E-book: $2.84
Author's Price: PhP850

Cultural Center of the Philippines
Literary Folio

ANI 32

ANI 32 is the Literary Folio of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and features The Global Filipino. Inez's short story, WORLD DEAD, is included in the collection.

ANI 30

ANI 30 is the Literary Folio of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and a collection for and by children. Inez Ponce de Leon's lyrical, flowing poem, A SONG FOR THE FAERIE WORLD, is part of this volume.

ANI 29

What happens when you get a handful of professionals together and make them write? ANI 29 contains Inez's short story, THE ENGLIGHTENED, along with other works from her peers.