Inez Ponce de Leon - Artist, Writer, Scholar, Educator

Inez's Diary: New Colleagues, New Office, New Things

Two years ago, I moved back into the academe as a faculty member. It started with the PE department, and then the Communication department of the Ateneo. I work at both departments now, and I shuttle between two very different offices.

The PE department is laid back, with food aplenty, laughs galore, and antics from table to table in the faculty room. Everyone laughs at each other and teases each other. Very rarely will the department be quiet and sober if the faculty is around. Without the faculty, everything goes quiet and haunted ... in our nice little haunted corner of Ateneo. Seriously, my PE family has never failed to brighten my sometimes tired, harried Mondays and Wednesdays.

The Comm department has its own form of humor and relaxation. Lunch time is chuck-work-and-sit-down time, and everyone often gets in on the game. Conversations run the gamut of Marvel and DC superheroes, the latest movies, strange takes on communication theory, run-ins with not-so-nice people, and even former comm students who eventually became famous. And yes, the Comm department is loud and crazy - and I love it. It's yet another welcoming family - yet another happy home.

I've moved desks and offices. I've gotten back into the classroom. I'm free - and I'm happy.

Now if only the salary were WAAAAAY bigger...