Inez Ponce de Leon - Artist, Writer, Scholar, Educator

Inez's Diary: Belly Fest 2013, T -28 days

Today is panic day. I don't have any song for my troupe. I also haven't settled my song, or anything about it - and I therefore have no costume, no theme, no story. This is going to be an awesome 28 days. Uh oh.

The grand plan is for me to dance with my new troupe. It will be tribal fusion ... of some sort. I haven't picked out the song yet. Flamenco tribal fusion? Iron and Wine it is. Hip hop tribal fusion? Let's call on Justin Timberlake or Filastine or whoever decides to cough up something nice. Gypsy fusion? Balkan Beat Box. Generic tribal fusion? Beats Antique. Dark fusion? Maduro or Solace.

A good troupe song has to be grand without being flamboyant. It has to have a wide variety of sounds, and standout moments for my troupe to play with textured movement, or isolations, or changes in movement speeds - and everything I got from my dance teacher, Amirah. A good troupe song has to have heart - and my troupe has to show heart. A good troupe leader also has to pick a good song. And this troupe leader is still in the process of picking one.

And then of course there's my solo song. Oh dear lord. Live music - and plans haven't started! hahaha!

So, songs! Maduro!! Uh. No. Black Eyed Peas? Uh, no. Pentaphobe? Bleh. Beats Antique. Again? Knossos? Solace? WAAAAHHH! OH AAAAGHHH.

So, which song will the Illuminata dance to? Find out on September 7 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at the Ateneo Campus. On that night, the Illuminata takes to the stage for the first time as a belly dance troupe. Join us for this year's Belly Fest, happening all day on September 7; and attend workshops from September 6-8 under the tutelage of Bellydance Superstar Kami Liddle!