Inez Ponce de Leon - Artist, Writer, Scholar, Educator

Inez's Diary: Bellyfest 2013, T -1 month

I will be performing at Bellyfest 2013 in a month. But this time, things are a little more complicated.

I am an assistant professor at the Department of Communication at the Ateneo. I have to tend to the research brains of 61 students. So every week, I have a crop of at least 44 papers to grade. To tell the truth, it's fun. Now if I could only have a high table so that I can dance while grading papers...

I also teach PE, and I have several students who are dancing this year, too. It will be a tribal fusion year, which can be a challenge for my troupe, as they're used to dancing cabaret. The thing is, they're built for tribal: their isolations are amazing, and they have awesome posture. Now if only I had my own studio so that we could practice whenever we want...

I'm a live music junkie. This year, I will be performing with a live band. We don't have our original composition yet. So we don't have a song yet. So I guess I'll be doing improv again. Hurrah! So I guess that's not really a challenge. I just hope my belly dance brain continues to work, because I want my improv to actually look sensible.

This year will be a challenge. It will be fun - and I might have a lot of students coming in to join the ruckus. It's on campus, after all, and we're having Kami Liddle - yes, international star Kami Liddle - as this year's special guest. Rare opportunity, great time of the year, and friends, and fun, and all good stuff to totally clean out the stress.

So yes, let the dancing begin. The dancing and the craziness. Let it all... continue?

This year's Bellyfest will be at the Ateneo Irwin Theater on September 7, Saturday. Treat yourself to an afternoon of mini-workshops, an Arabian market, and dance performances - and come to the Grand Evening Show at 7 PM, where all the fun culminates in a night of color, music, and dance. Tickets are at P 700. See you there!